night swimming is good for your health

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Fall Out Boy
Where Did the Party Go
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Where Did The Party Go by Fall Out Boy (Save Rock and Roll)

You know I only wanted fun.
Then you got me all fucked up on love.

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Nozomi x Eli

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"I can’t enter a room without telling everyone I’m gay. It’s a nervous thing. It’s worse with new people." {x}

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Nope, not creepy at all.

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Illustrations Of Animals With Human Characteristics by Zarnala

Digital artist Kim Nguyen aka Zarnala has an amazing illustration series titled ‘Anthro’ and ‘Anthro II’ featuring stylish animals with human characteristics. In her illustrations, a jaguar transforms into a rockstar, suited monkeys and dogs turn into gun-toting gangsters, a fox preens as a demure geisha, and a bull terrier engages in a spot of baseball, all rendered with their own unique personalities and forms.

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