Possibly one of the greatest narrations in the history of anime

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Though my followers have seen me post extensively about it, I think it’s about time I give it a good old summary post for any of you that have no goddamn idea what I’m going on about.

Here is a summary of why you should read Under My Skin by Asynca.

(Link here - but…

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Redesigned Book Cover Illustrations by Charles Chaisson

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"There we were, a toddler asleep in the back of a wagon, and a stupid girl too exhausted to even cry for help."

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Topic of Today by D否

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My eyes are drying out and I need to sleep, but here’s some NozoEri.

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Attention passengers
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this is your conductor speaking we are on course to collide with a beautiful sweet anime titty

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sparkling/flowery background appreciation photoset

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「無題」/「なお」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail

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